Inyección artículos laboratorio

is a company specialized in the manufacturing of plastic equipment for injection. We carry out all production processes in our facilities. The main goal of Inyección Artículos Laboratorio is to design, manufacture and supply the equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.


We advise on all technical aspects needed to obtain an excellent quality in the finished product. We can help you designing your projects.


Printing plastic jars, glass jars, syringes, pipettes, etc., in several printing systems: HOT STAMPING, THERMAL PRINTING, SERIGRAPH, TAMPOGRAPHY.


INJECTION, INJECTION BLOW. We have Automatic Injection Machinery. We are responsible for all the processes: designing the pieces, manufacturing them and delivering them so they can be certified

Setting up

We offer different formats of final packaging to adjust to our customer’s needs. We offer: Flowpack, re-sealable packaging, wrapping, labelling, etc. We also offer a packaging service for products from other companies.


Our company

The production is carried out in the industrial area of PAEC, in Calonge, and has the needed means to perform all the processes of manufacturing, injection, printing, assembling, packaging and the finishing touches



    Nit combs in several colours Our Nit comb removes lice and nits with its high quality tines, with the precise separation, so that even the smallest lice can’t escape and…

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  • Tongue depressors

    Tongue depressors. Tongue depressors designed for marketing campaigns. We can manufacture them in any colour and print the logo of your company. You can also choose the presentation: individually packaged,…

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Quality is a priority for us. We have the following certificates: ISO 9001:2008 Certificate, Health Licence for Medical Devices, ISO 13485:2013 Certificate, and Certificate of the Medical Device Directive 92/42/ECC. We advise on all technical aspects needed to obtain an excellent quality in the finished product..








Our manufacturing system allows us to adapt to the customer needs with different colours, with serigraph printing or tampography, as well as with text and colours. We can offer several presentations: Flowpack, re-sealable packaging, cardboard boxes, etc.



Inyección Artículos Laboratorio

Calonge (Girona)


C/Verema 16 nave 3



Phone: +34 972 66 22 63
FAX: +34 972 65 11 23